Secure Network Access Control for modern IT

Secure your network with robust network policies based on the principles of Zero Trust security while you prepare to support hybrid workplace initiatives, IoT devices, and edge computing.

Would you rather kick your network security needs to a 3rd party, or have a network that’s a partner in securing your organization?

Bring granular control and automated enforcement to enterprise IT

Control what connects to the network, authorize access, and implement granular security control with consistent network policies for enterprise grade visibility.

Automated policy control and response with ClearPass

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager helps IT teams deploy robust role-based policies for implementing Zero Trust security for enterprises.

Consistently enforced access privileges to reduce risk with Dynamic Segmentation

Get consistent protection with identity-based access that is dynamically enforced across wired, wireless, and WAN networks.

Explore Aruba’s Network Access Control solutions

Here’s how we bring comprehensive visibility, control, and automated network enforcement to enterprise IT.

Aruba ClearPass security portfolio

Profile devices, deploy network policies, manage guest access, secure BYOD onboarding, and check device health with the ClearPass family of products.

Cloud based NAC with Cloud Auth

Delivered via Aruba Central, Cloud Auth extends Aruba Central’s ability to provide a cloud-based NAC for authentication, authorization and enforcement.

AI-Powered Client Insights and ClearPass Device Insight

Eliminate blind spots by increasing the visibility of IoT and endpoint clients.

Aruba ClearPass security portfolio receives coveted Cyber Catalyst designation

Aruba ClearPass security portfolio receives coveted Cyber Catalyst designation

For the second consecutive time, Marsh Cyber Catalyst Program recognizes Aruba’s security innovations for the ability to reduce cyber risk for Zero Trust and SASE implementations.

ClearPass success stories

Learn how ClearPass is helping UKSH strengthen data security with clearer, role-based access for all users and devices.

Learn how ClearPass is helping TSH to efficiently profile and authenticate any new devices trying to connect to the network, and take proper action in case security guidelines are not met.

Learn how ClearPass enables AWL to extend security policies across the whole environment and establish a global policy.

Enhance network security through Aruba Central

Get full-service AI insights, security, and unified management across your network—all through a single pane of glass.

Automate network operations and enhance Zero Trust protection

Manual approaches become impractical as networks grow in complexity and scale. Aruba Central NetConductor simplifies operations and improves security by providing continuous identity-based access control across network domains.

See what’s connected to your network with AI-powered client visibility

IoT devices are flooding networks. Client Insights on Aruba Central uses machine learning to detect and profile every connected client so you can assign appropriate policies.

Protect remote workers and your organization with centralized security policies

With cloud-managed Zero touch provisioning and extension of SD-WAN services and the SASE framework, EdgeConnect Microbranch delivers the same office-like experience and policy-based access control—anywhere, for any device.

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