Unified SASE without compromise

Hybrid work, digital acceleration, and IoT growth require innovative security strategies. Deliver simplified, anywhere, secure access to applications and data while enhancing end-user experience with HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE.

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Secure the modern workplace with unified SASE

As more organizations increase their cloud adoption and embrace hybrid work models, they face a growing challenge: how to ensure fast, convenient, and secure access to critical applications from anywhere.

Struggling to provide secure connectivity everywhere?

With more users, devices, locations, and cloud services to protect, organizations must deal with increased entry points for attackers and more security tools to manage and update. Not to mention each entry point (i.e., user or device) has direct access to the corporate network, potentially increasing security risks.

Want to save money on WAN infrastructure costs?

With the proliferation of both network and security solutions to deploy, maintain, update, and troubleshoot, organizations must dedicate more resources and time to managing infrastructure and resolving issues.

Grappling with poor user experience and decreased productivity?

With more traffic being backhauled through the VPN and the corporate network, users experience increased latency, jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth limitations that affect their performance and productivity, not to mention satisfaction.

It’s time for networking and security functions to converge

With unified SASE, security and networking teams can work together and experience:

Simplicity and efficiency

In the last decade, there has been a proliferation of networking and security solutions. Having a single vendor SASE not only brings consolidation, but it also unifies networking and security functions to alleviate roadblocks between teams, minimize complexities and cost, and optimize cross-functional collaboration and implementation.

Integration and unification

With unified SASE, organizations benefit from holistic connectivity and security through centralized policy creation and management, as well as consistent enforcement between all traffic and locations.

Flexibility and reliability

With its cloud-delivered elements, SASE enables businesses to scale and adapt according to their needs—while providing reliable, global access with automatic redundancy.

Ease of use and performance

Unified SASE streamlines IT team workflows and simplifies secure connectivity for end users, automatically routing them to authorized cloud, edge, on-premises, and internet resources.

What is unified SASE?

Unified SASE is here. Learn what it is, why you need it, and how it evolves secure connectivity by combining SD-WAN and SSE into a single solution. Discover the advantages of single-vendor SASE and the five steps to a successful SASE journey.

Why modern businesses need unified SASE

A tightly integrated solution makes your journey to SASE simpler—minimizing complexities and costs and increasing time-to-value. Hear how it does this in the webinar, featuring ESG and Axis Security.

Take a test drive

Take a test drive

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