HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE platform

Enable hybrid working, tackle the networking and security challenges of cloud computing, and simplify SASE deployment with a unified secure access strategy.

Unified SASE from HPE Aruba Networking connects and secures the modern workplace.


As the traditional security perimeter continues to dissolve, traditional networking and security architectures are now insufficient.

Hybrid working

With the rise of hybrid working and distributed teams, the security perimeter is dissolving. Organizations need a solution that securely connects users from anywhere and any device and protects corporate data.

Cloud-centric architectures

Transformation with cloud services such as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS requires a new approach to network security as more sensitive data is now hosted in the cloud and users are increasingly exposed to cyber threats.

Increased complexity and inefficiency

Traditional networking and security architectures involve multiple appliances and error-prone manual configurations. Backhauling traffic to the data center for security inspection is no longer relevant and impacts user experience.

Increased attack surface

With more users and locations to protect, organizations must deal with more potential entry points for attackers. The proliferation of connected IoT devices has also significantly increased the attack surface and cybersecurity risks.

Power and secure the digital enterprise

Tackle today’s networking and security challenges with a faster journey to SASE.

Enforce universal least privilege access to applications

SASE gives users and authorized third parties the right level of access to the right applications. Simple Zero Trust policies keep users off the corporate network, ensuring segmentation at the application level, while masking private resources from the internet.

Protect against malware and data leakage

SASE protects against ransomware, malware, and phishing by inspecting, scanning, and filtering all traffic. With more enterprise data in SaaS apps, it identifies sensitive data, detects shadow IT, and prevents data loss with policies that control what a user can access, download or upload, and share.

Modernize and secure branch networks

SASE can combine multiple links such as MPLS, Internet, and 5G and eliminate the need to backhaul SaaS traffic to the data center, optimizing performance. It includes next-generation firewall capabilities to replace security appliances and secure IoT devices in branch offices.

Key benefits of unified SASE

Accelerate your WAN and security transformation with unified SASE.

Optimized user experience

Guarantee a secure, high-performance, low-latency connection to applications and resources by dynamically selecting the fastest connectivity path to support the best user experience.


Quickly adapt to changing business needs to support digital transformation initiatives such as hybrid work, cloud migration, edge computing, IoT, and OT initiatives.

Unified security posture

Apply universal security policies and centralized access controls across all traffic and locations to enforce Zero Trust access, reduce the attack surface, and improve threat detection and response.

Reduced complexity

Streamline SASE deployment. Consolidate networking and security functions by eliminating the need for multiple point solutions, hardware appliances, and management platforms.

Axis Field CTO talks unified SASE

Axis Field CTO talks unified SASE

The field CTO of Axis Security, now part of HPE Aruba Networking, explains the features and benefits of the SSE platform, and how it creates a unified SASE solution.

Test drive unified SASE from HPE Aruba Networking

Cushman & Wakefield logo

“We can centrally define application classes and security policies, allowing the EdgeConnect appliances to intelligently make decisions on how to ideally route traffic.”

Chris Butcher, Platform Architect for Global Networks, Cloud and Perimeter Security, Cushman & Wakefield

“User experiences are very consistent, whether a person is accessing local resources or a data center across the country.”

Ryan Van Dynhoven, Director of Infrastructure, TrialCard

“What we learned in the last few years is that we can never trust the person at the keyboard. So a Zero Trust policy has really enabled us to question every step of the way.”

Khaled Tawfik, CIO, City of San Jose

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“If we had to put firewalls in every location, that would mean manual deployments and a lot more devices to configure and manage, Instead, we can create a firewall template and deploy it in a few clicks or taps. It’s as simple as that."

Eric Hubbard, Infrastructure Technology Manager, Republic Bank

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Enable workplace transformation with SASE

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Deploy industry-leading EdgeConnect SD-WAN with the cloud-native HPE Aruba Networking SSE platform.

EdgeConnect SD-WAN

Architect an advanced secure SD-WAN edge that delivers maximum application performance and security at the branch.

EdgeConnect SD-Branch

Consolidate branch networking components for maximum integration across WLAN, LAN and SD-WAN.

EdgeConnect Microbranch

Ideally suited for microbranch or work-from-home sites, using a range of remote APs.


Secure connectivity to private apps with least privilege access.


Secure access to the Internet and protect against malicious online threats.


Secure access to SaaS applications and protect against data loss.


Monitor user performance and troubleshoot user access issues for all traffic.

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